World Surf League

Santa Monica, CA
The World Surf League (WSL) The World Surf League (WSL)
The WSL team shares the strides they've made in access to the sport, sustainability, and pay equality for their athletes.

Nestled in the niche space of competitve surfing, the WSL is a truly global organization that runs competitions all over the world. With surfers from all over the world, who have global fan bases, being able to livestream the content online for free is incredibly valuable. An ad-supported business model allows them to make their content available to anybody no matter where they are - helping them continue to protect the future and growth of the sport.

“By having a sport that is live-streamed for free, we are able to put that sport in front of absolutely everyone that wants to see it - no matter where they are.”

About the Publisher

The World Surf League (WSL), established in 1976, is the global home of surfing. The WSL is dedicated to changing the world through the inspirational power of surfing by creating authentic events, experiences, and storytelling to inspire a growing, global community to live with purpose, originality, and stoke.
The World Surf League (WSL)